Hey Guys! I'm so thrilled for you to be here! I'm Doxie, an extroverted encourager who loves authentic, meaningful moments and finding the fun in everything. Most days you can find me in athletic clothes with a messy bun, drinking a latte, and mommying my energetic, best buddy, Daxton Strong and our squishy little brother, Beckam Oaks. I am wife to The Cade Wilson. If you don't have one of your own, I highly suggest every person needs a Cade in their life. He is the most masculine man I've ever met, and the way he loves, listens, leads, and takes care of me is nothing less than the combination of Jesus' heart for us mixed with Prince Charming himself.

As a photographer, I love communicating the power of a simple, honest moment interwoven with God's beauty in style, texture, and color. Words that would describe my style of photography are intimate, fresh, authentic, and minimal. My approach to our time together is peace! My heart for your experience with me is for us to spend time together at a pace that allows for sweet and natural interactions and moments to be captured between you and your loved ones. I desire to freeze time through my imagery for you and illuminate the long lasting memory of love within your relationships.

A few of my favorite things are painting my nails, going to get my hair done, fitness, Cinderella, my three big sisters, cookies and milk, and dry shampoo! The greatest treat in my life has become my relationship with Jesus and the hope that came into my life when I started to understand that Jesus wasn't just a character in a story and him dying on the cross wasn't just something memorized. I love that with him what seems impossible is possible, and that his nature is kind, actively involved, understanding, and patient. It is the sweetest gift and my greatest refreshment!

I love meeting new friends, and I would love to hear from you! For any questions, comments, or inquiries simply fill out my contact tab or email me at doxiewilsonphotography@gmail.com! Happy day friend! 

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